Windows 8 tablet computers not selling well

Windows 8 tablets, based upon Microsoft’s new Windows 8 operating system are not selling well.

Windows 8 was a huge gamble for Microsoft. Microsoft bet the farm on the idea that people want their phones, tablets, laptops and computers to have exactly the same interface. I get the idea for tablets and phones, but not computers. Windows 8 emphasizes touch screens, where you control your device with swipes and taps from your fingers. Fine for mobile devices, not fine for computers (in my opinion). Why?

When you use a touch-screen computer, you have to sit close to it to be able to reach out and control everything with your fingers. Also, it doesn’t seem ergonomic to me. And what about cleaning all those fingerprints off the screen?  I think using your fingers to work your computer is slower and harder than using a keyboard/mouse (at least in the present incarnation).

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