Should you lease computers for your business?

If Technology fuels your business it is imperative that you have the most cutting edge equipment, even if you’re in start-up mode or a “fiercely independent entrepreneur” like Gay Gaddis, Founder and CEO of T3.

We all know cost is a consideration and to avoid any spikes in cash flow requirements you may ant toconsider leasing equipment, so your costs are spread evenly from month to month.

Here is some advice that to consider from Forbes Contributor Gay Gaddis:

Be prepared for a wholesale rollover.
It is best to go all or nothing and do a wholesale rollover. If you piecemeal this it becomes hard to keep up with refreshes. Get everything on the same timeline. At first we rolled the technology every third year, but now because equipment upgrades occur so frequently, we have shortened the terms to two years and found that the price difference is not significant.

Find a flexible leasing partner.
We have had several companies we have worked with since the 90’s, but for the last few years, we found a partner that was willing to offer the flexibility to make mid-lease decisions. This allows us to return or in some cases purchase equipment at a fair market value. This should be on a case by case basis as your needs evolve.

Watch for legal traps.
As in anything, really read and understand the fine print. We have found that there can be many traps in the legalese such as weird and unreasonable notification periods. For example, you can find yourself with only a few days before the lease expires to make a decision on returning or purchasing. But lessors are willing to negotiate on those terms if you request a change up front.

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