Microsoft Fixes Internet Explorer Security Flaw

Internet Explorer OK To Use Again

Just 5 days after news of the major security flaw in Internet Explorer, Microsoft released a fix last Friday.  The fix has already been applied to most computers via Microsoft Update or Windows Update, so there’s no action required for most of you. The fix requires a restart of your computer, so please restart your computer just to be sure the fix has been applied.

If you have switched your browser to Firefox or Google Chrome, you are welcome to continue using those browsers, or go back to using Internet Explorer. In fact, you can use more than one browser at the same time. I use Internet Explorer for most things, but a couple of websites display better in Firefox, so I use Firefox when going to those websites.

In an interesting and unexpected twist, Microsoft has fixed the security flaw for Internet Explorer 6-8, which most Windows XP users have.  If you are using Windows XP, your Internet Explorer is probably updated and protected from this particular issue (but not against other issues which may be active, or arrive in the future). This does not mean that Windows XP users should expect more updates from Microsoft. We still strongly recommend all Windows XP users replace their computers.


If your Updates version number is EITHER 2964358 or 2964444 your copy of Internet Explorer has been updated.

If you do not see either of the above numbers
1. Go to the Start menu

2. Select All Programs

3. Select Microsoft Update or Windows Update

4. Install updates

5. Restart your computer and check again

For more information, check out Microsoft’s Security Bulletin

If you need assistance, please give us a call 925-283-5666.

Edward Zeidan
Nerd4Rent, Inc.

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