Holiday Security Tips; Introducing Lamorinda Technology

Introducing Lamorinda Technology, Inc.

As of January 1, 2017, we will be changing our corporate name to Lamorinda Technology, Inc.

Why Change the Name?
We love the name Nerd4Rent-it’s playful and communicates what we do clearly. However, we have known for some time that we lose business because some prospective clients think we’re not professional, or don’t take us seriously, simply because of our name. (hard to believe, right?)

We wanted to communicate effectively the true value of our offer: concierge-level technology service at a great price. We also wanted to create a name that reflects our commitment to serving the local community—the Lafayette, Moraga and Orinda neighborhoods where most of our business and residential clients live and work. As a proud business partner of the Lamorinda community for over 20 years, our professional commitment to community and service continues on as Lamorinda Technology, Inc.

Our promises to you remain unchanged:

  • A business philosophy to deliver what we promise.
  • Outstanding, old-fashioned service.
  • Friendly, honest and reliable employees who won’t “speak geek” to you.
  • Technical excellence and a commitment to 100% client satisfaction.
  • Continuous personal oversight by our owner, an expert in his field, and a dedicated local businessman who puts your technology needs first.
  • Helping to maintain your security in these turbulent times.
  • The same concierge-level service that large businesses pay top dollar for—at a reasonable price.

Everything But Our Name Remains the Same
Other than the name change, (and our email and web address), everything else remains the same. We have the same ownership-Renee and Edward; the same outstanding staff – Gica, Ryan & Tim; the same phone number; same great service.

Our new email addresses & website: – for all support – for scheduling appointments and any non-technical questions. – our new website

For Those of You Who Love Nerd4Rent, We’ve Got You Covered
You are welcome to think of us as Nerd4Rent, and even make out your checks to Nerd4Rent, as we are keeping that as a secondary business name. We will keep the Nerd4Rent email addresses as well.

We thank you very much for your patronage, and wish you and yours a wonderful 2017.

Edward & Renee Zeidan, Owners

Holiday Security Tips

The holidays are a prime time for scammers and thieves. Here are a few quick tips to help you stay safe:

1. Don’t let ANYONE have remote access to your computer. We’re seeing a new scam lately, where you get a pop-up that says your computer has a problem and to call a number for certified technical support. When you call that number a CRIMINAL asks to access your computer. The criminal then adds a special password to your computers’ configuration database that locks your computer when you restart it. We can’t remove that password. They only thing we can do is try to recover your files, and do a clean reinstallation of your operating system and every software program you have.

2. Don’t click on links in email. A link can say one thing, but behind the scenes, take you somewhere else. Open your Internet browser and manually type in the address.

3. NEVER open any attachment with double extensions. For example, you may get a legitimate-looking email with an attachment that is named invoice.pdf.vbs or Any attachment with a double extension is bad news-don’t click on it.

4. Don’t open emails with .zip, .exe, .dmg, .vbs, .js, and any other uncommon file extension. These files can contain programs that can ruin your computer, lock your files, etc. While some .zip files are legitimate, be sure that you check with the sender before opening them. As for the others, don’t open them no matter what.

5. Be especially leery of fake email attachments claiming to contain an invoice, package tracking information, etc. We’re seeing a lot of these emails, and if you click the attachment or link, your computer and files could be damaged or permanently encrypted.

6. Do call us if you are unsure of any pop-up, phone call or email. As a service to our valued clients, we will assist you in determining the legitimacy of these items at no charge.

Just a quick heads-up, ANY call you receive about your computer is going to be from a scammer, and virtually every pop-up you get telling you your computer has an issue and to call a number for support, is also a scam.

We are here to assist if you need help. (925) 283-5666


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