Free Password List

One of the problems people face constantly has to do with remembering their passwords. With so many passwords to remember, it can be a daunting task to keep up with them.  We’ve created a password list document that is fillable (meaning you can type into it and print it. You cannot save the filled-in form at this point, but we’re working on that feature).  Here’s how to get our password list.

Be sure to record your email username (usually your email address) and your email password. Yes! you do have an email password. Also record other passwords, such as you Internet service provider username and password, computer login passwords, shopping and financial website passwords, etc.

Keep your password list in a safe place. You don’t want to give a burglar easy access to your sensitive logins.

In addition to a printed password list, consider a password manager program. Password managers like Roboform, 1Password, etc, are programs you install on your computer to safely store your passwords and other sensitive information. I use and absolutely love, Roboform on my PC. not only does it store all my passwords in an encrypted (not easy for anyone without your master password to get to), part of my computer, it even goes to the webpage and signs me in automatically.

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