EXTREMELY URGENT WARNING! Cryptolocker Ransomware Computer Virus: What You Need To Know

Cryptolocker Ransomeware Computer Virus makes most files unusable!

This is what the virus looks like:

Crypto Locker ‘Ransomware’ is infecting computers and encrypting files so that you cannot access them.  Files cannot be recovered if you are infected.

“Ransomware” is designed to extort money from computer users by holding their computer files hostage until they pay  a ransom fee to get them back.  In this case they are demanding $300.

In the past, this virus has been an effective ruse, but ineffective in actually locking computer files.  It has not caused any long-term damage when promptly removed by a professional.  However, this new virus has changed everything…it is so severe that it is being described as “game changing” by the IT industry.

A message comes up as shown in the above picture demanding $300 to be paid in order to get the files back.

If you encounter this virus on a work or home machine, turn it off immediately. Do not click on anything to close it. These criminals attempt to panic you into clicking on the “Close” buttons which are really an “Ok, Infect My Computer” button. Simply turn off the power immediately and contact an IT support person.

The infection is also “network aware” which means that if an infected user has access to a shared folder on a server or another workstation, that user will cause all shared files to become encrypted and unrecoverable as well.

The trojan infection is coming from infected web sites. The links may come in via email or on social media sites. So be very cautious about ANY web links. As we always recommend the sender should clearly identify themselves, you should know the sender and the purpose of the link(s) sent. In any case – it’s still best to ignore them and DO NOT click on any links you receive without first calling and verifying that the sender and the link is legitimate.

Please be safe in your email and internet browsing. If you need assistance securing your computers feel free to contact us.

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