Does Your Phone/Tablet Need Anti-Virus?

Everyone knows that your computer needs anti-virus protection. What about your phone or tablet?

Phones and tablets are computers, and there are bad guys out there writing viruses and password-stealing programs, with the intention of stealing your money, holding your phone hostage for ransom, or stealing your list of contacts, pictures, etc. We have heard of viruses being installed that make your phone unusable unless you pay the criminals to have it unlocked.

Think of all the things we do with our phones: Log into our bank to pay bills, check balances, transfer money; purchase things from merchants; buy airline tickets; and much more. Our phones and tablets can be an easy target for the criminals, as most of us don’t protect them.

Here are a few popular apps that will help protect your phone or tablet. Most of them are free. Some vendors offer premium paid versions.

Android phones/tablets. Please remember to only download apps from the Google Play Store
Lookout Mobile Security

iPhones and iPads Please remember to only download apps from the Apple App Store
Avira Mobile Security
F-Secure SAFE

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