Do Not Upgrade To Windows 10 At This Time

Do NOT Upgrade to Windows 10 at This Time

We’ve received many inquires about the Windows 10 upgrade and want to protect you from possible problems.
We have seen numerous computers unusable after upgrading to Windows 10. Most of these computers required a complete wipe of the hard drive, reinstallation of Windows 7 or 8 and several hours of labor to preserve data, setup email and printing, etc. Continue Reading

With this many issues, we will not recommend upgrading for at least 4 months, perhaps never. Let’s not forget that Windows 7 and 8 are perfectly fine operating systems, with no major issues. In fact, it may be best to leave Windows 7 or 8 alone and get a new version of Windows only when you replace your computer.

We will post an update if/when we believe it’s ok to upgrade.

Tips: If you have Windows 8 and don’t like the new menus, we can install a free add-in that gives you back the familiar menus of Windows 7.

It is OK to buy a new computer with Windows 10. Windows 10 on a new computer has proven OK in our experience.

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