Backup Your Files!

One area where we see a lot of heartache is where something happens to our client’s computers and they lose their files. Family photos and videos, Financial records, school work, articles or books they’ve written or are writing, email, to name just a few.

People wrongly assume that they don’t need a copy of their important files because: 1. Their computer is new, 2. I’ve never lost any files in the past, so I’m not likely to lose any now. 3. I’m busy now, but will get around to it when I have some time. 4-99……

In fact none of the above reasons have anything to do with the likelihood that you will lose your files. Why? because there are a lot of reasons why computer files get corrupted or lost: Power surges, fires, water damage, viruses, theft, user error, equipment failure, to name just a few of the common reasons.

How do I backup my files?
I suggest that you have at least two backups plus the original file. 1. Connect an external hard drive or thumb drive to your computer, and set your computer to back up to it regularly. 2. Get an online backup service like Carbonite, iDrive or Mozy. For around $50 per year, they’ll automatically backup your files.

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