20 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Computer Support Company

Don’t Choose An Inexperienced, Inept or Unscrupulous Computer Technician…

Picking the right computer technician or computer support company is more important than many people realize.

Not all computer technicians are the same. The best technicians have years of experience, are honest and ethical, have industry certifications, great people skills and employ best practices to protect your valuable information.

The wrong technician can lose your documents and pictures, screw up your computer or even commit a crime in your home or business.

20 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Any Computer Technician:
  1. Are you licensed by the California Bureau of Electronics and Appliance Repair?
  2. Do you have a Business License?
  3. Do you have Workers’ Compensation Insurance?
  4. Do you have Liability Insurance?
  5. How long has your company been in business?
  6. What are your future plans for your business?
  7. What’s the likelihood that your company will not be in business in 6 months? 1 year? 2 years? OR 5 years?
  8. How long have your been providing paid technical services full-time?
  9. How many full and part-time employees work for your company?
  10. Are your technicians employees or contractors?
  11. How long has each of your employees been providing paid technical services full-time?
  12. What percentage of your clients ask for re-work or are unhappy with your work?
  13. Do you hold any technical certifications?
  14. Do you offer a 100% no-risk money-back guarantee on all your services?
  15. Do you offer fixed-fee services?
  16. How long does it typically take to get service from you?
  17. Do you offer after-hours and weekend service?
  18. Do you have any references for your work?
  19. Do you screen ALL employees/contractors for criminal backgrounds/illegal drug use/driving history, etc?
  20. Do you have best practices to make sure you will not corrupt or lose my data?

If the company can’t answer ALL these questions call Nerd4Rent.  We offer a 100% no-risk guarantee on all services.  If you’re not satisfied with any service, just let us know within 14 days and we’ll do it over for free. If you’re still not satisfied we will refund your money. We also offer fixed-fee services so you know exactly what your service will cost ahead of time.  https://www.nerd4rent.com


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