How To Stop Windows 10 Upgrades

Don’t want your computer to upgrade to Windows 10?

We don’t recommend upgrading to Windows 10. If you buy a new computer with Windows 10, that’s fine, but upgrading from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 can cause problems.

Windows 10 is now a recommended update, which means that it will automatically install itself on your computer in most cases (most of us have Windows Update set to automatically install recommitted updates).

There are several options you can use to block or uninstall Windows 10 if it installs automatically.
1. (recommended method) Block the update by installing a free blocking program. (we recommend having a professional install these programs, as incorrect configuration can cause problems).

2. If the update automatically installs, Decline the update. After the update a screen will come up asking you to Accept or Decline the update. If you decline, the update will be removed, and your computer will revert to it’s previous version of Windows. (see Fig. 1).

3. In some cases, you can revert to your old operating system within 30 days of your Windows 10 upgrade. This option is found under Settings |  Update & Security | Recovery.   Here’s a link with instructions & caveats from Microsoft:

Windows 10 Decline Option

Fig. 1 Decline Windows 10 Update

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